What is ‘special’ about Rhosneigr SSSI?

Rhosneigr SSSI has one special feature:

What do we want Rhosneigr SSSI to look like?

Rhosneigr SSSI should continue to be one of the best places to view this type of folding in rocks of this age. The geological features should remain visible and accessible to geologists.

What management is needed on Rhosneigr SSSI and why?

Although Rhosneigr SSSI is an excellent place for geological study it will only remain so if the necessary management continues. CCW’s aim is to work with you to ensure that this management is carried out.

What does this mean in practice?

There are many factors that could damage the special features at Rhosneigr SSSI if they are not properly managed. These are the ones we regard as most important:

Accessibility: Students and researchers need access to study the formations. Public access to the foreshore should be maintained.

Visibility: Activities (both within or adjacent to the site), which may obscure the natural rock exposures, such as sea defence works, engineering works (e.g. groynes) or dumping of sand, earth or spoil should be avoided.


Our knowledge of wildlife and earth science is far from complete. It is possible that new features of value may appear and new management issues may arise in the future, whilst other issues may disappear. This statement is written with the best information we have now, but may have to change in the future as our understanding improves. Any information you can provide on the wildlife or earth science of your site, its management and its conservation would be much appreciated.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of your SSSI, or have any concerns about your SSSI, please contact your local CCW office.

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